Maternite elevage des appalaches

The French Spaniel is a medium sized dog, both elegant and athletic

Its graceful build reveals energy and endurance. It carries itself with a proud demeanor, boasting a robust frame and magnificent white coat that is frequently spotted with brown and sometimes slightly mottled. Its gentle nature and intelligence shine through its big dark-amber eyes. 
The breed is blessed with natural discernment, can be easily trained by its masters, and shows itself to be loyal from day one. It is docile, affectionate, sweet, and alert, making it a great family dog. Calm on the inside and playful on the outside, it demonstrates exceptional intelligence and irreproachable sociability, quickly becoming the perfect family companion. 
The French Spaniel is an exceptional hunter and versatile gun dog that is always ready to listen to its master. It knows how to stay calm and hunts for game in a methodical manner. It quickly becomes a wonderful hunting partner thanks to its training and great intelligence.